Why Magnetic?

A magnetic field absorbs the energy completely unlike rubber, gel mats or artificial turf.

Permanent magnets are never influenced in time by climate and temperature differences unlike traditional mats or gel mats.

Due to the magnets that have been carefully placed, a magnetic force is created between the magnets, which means the mat actually floats. So in contrast to unrealistic high pile mats this simulates the same experience as when playing on grass, so when the club hits the Magstrike mat, it plays through the surface, like hitting a divot.

magstrike magnetic field

Permanent magnets don’t loose power over time.

It is not like hitting a regular golfmat but it feels like hitting a divot. All the energy is absorbed by the magnetic field.

This technology allows to strike on a ‘air-filled’ divot closing the gap completely with a natural fairway.

Finally, MAGSTRIKETM enables to Practice wood n° 3 & 5 (without a tee) and your Sand Wedges from a practice mat…