MAGSTRIKE The World’s First Magnetic Golfing Mat.

The closest thing to real grass! A new unique way of absorbing the golf stroke; better technique and less stress on the joints!

Magstrike Pro


Due to the magnets that have been carefully placed, a magnetic force is created between the magnets, which means the mat actually floats. So in contrast to unrealistic high pile mats this simulates the same experience as when playing on grass, so when the club hits the Magstrike mat, it plays through the surface, like hitting a divot.

Valuable training

Practicing on Magstrike will highly improve the effectiveness of your training sessions. Naturally a golfer will try and prevent hitting a regular range mat, due to the fear of injuries and when playing on the course tend to thin or top the ball because of the experience with hard mats. After practicing on Magstrike, the experience can be put straight to use and you can enjoy your game! Training will be less tiring and more enjoyable and therefore more golfers will visit your range facilities and stay for longer.

Forget all other golfing practice mats, they are history.

MAGSTRIKE is World’s first revolutionary MAGNETIC golfing mat and creates a complete NEW ERA in golf practice.

All shaft’s energy is absorbed into the magnetic field.